CA BOG Adopts Textbook Rec.

June 6, 2008

The California Community Colleges Board of Governors adopted recommendations on May 5, 2008 developed through its statewide Textbook Summits to improve textbook affordability which include:  “Investigating other potential solutions on your campuses, such as creating textbook rental programs, increasing library reserves, encouraging the use of open educational resources, and negotiating with publishers for customized textbook editions, customized bundles, and the timing of new editions.” 
For details, see Recommendations to Reduce Textbook Costs to Promote Student Access and Success.  
In addition, a May 28, 2008 letter issued by the CA Community College Chancellor and President of the BOG states: “We want to recognize the leadership that many of you have already taken in your districts and colleges to improve textbook affordability. During the summits, we heard of many creative and well-run efforts that your colleges have already initiated. Just a few of those efforts include exemplary textbook adoption policies at Chabot and other colleges, collaboration through the Bay 10 Association of community college bookstores, textbook rental programs at Southwestern College, College of San Mateo and other colleges, the Textbook Affordability Taskforce at Los Rios Community College District, and the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources spearheaded by Foothill-De Anza. We want to specifically thank Roe Darnell, Chancellor of Yosemite Community College District and Hal Plotkin, President of the Foothill-De Anza Community College District Board of Trustees, who represented CEOs and trustees at our summits.”

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