Open Education Nightmares: Forum

June 8, 2008

Open Education Nightmares: Will open education bear its promised fruits or release dreaded snakes?

Mark your calendars for a community discussion about open education. Prepare to post your ideas, hopes, and nightmares about open education resources, processes, and development.  Join the conversation at the Teaching and Learning Commons on June 16 – 19, 2008 (http://commons.carnegiefoundation.org/webevent).

“Advocates of open education resources, open source development, and open knowledge building all hope—even promise—to use and build on information in the public domain.  They do so in order to equalize access to information and educational opportunities for learners all over the world. Sponsors and individuals also build collaborative communities to create knowledge, objects and information for the public good, using information technology to spread their tools and resources widely. With such high expectations, we must ask:

  • Is it working? How do we know? When will we know?
  • Is the “open education movement” filled with overwhelming optimism?
  • Is the movement changing the way we learn and how knowledge and resources are created, or is open education another form of patronage, whereby knowledge and information travel in one direction?

Please join our interactive webevent to discuss these issues and share your hopes and fears about open education. We invite you and your colleagues to explore the Teaching & Learning Commons’ resources, and share your own links to related work. Help build understanding of open education by exchanging your projects, thoughts and critiques in an open, online discussion.”

Please send your related links to richardson@carnegiefoundation.org.

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