Open Textbook Articles in NEJHE

July 28, 2008

Two new articles about open textbooks have been published in the Summer 2008 issue of the New England Journal of Higher Education (Volume XXII, No. 1):

Culture of Shared Knowledge: Developing a Strategy for Low-Cost Textbook Alternatives” by Dr. Judy Baker, Director of the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (page 30)

Digital Textbooks: A Student Perspective” by Nicole Allen, The Student PIRGs (page 32)

The OpenCourseware Story” by Stephen Carson, President of the Board of Directors for the OpenCourseware Consortium (pages 30 – 32)


  1. I tried to find these articles and failed. From what I’m seeing (e.g. the NEJHE site, but also Ebsco), Summer 2008 does not contain these articles, and is vol. 22, no. 5. 22:1 does not have them either. Perhaps you might link to open-access preprints?

  2. […] Textbook Articles Published in JEJHE Community College Consortium for Open Education (CCCOER) announces the publication of two new articles dealing with the issue of open textbooks in the […]

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