Peer2Peer University for Open Ed

October 21, 2008

Leaders in the open education movement have launched Peer2Peer University.   Information about how the P2PU will function is posted at http://peer2peeruniversity.org.

A recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education about the project is available at: http://chronicle.com/free/v55/i09/09a01201.htm (there is also a video of Philipp explaining the idea:

The P2PU advisory group is comprised of Ahrash Bissell, Executive Director, ccLearn, Leslie Chan, Senior Lecturer, Department of Social Sciences at the University of Toronto at Scarborough. Associate Director of Bioline International, Christine Geith, Assistant Provost and Executive Director of Michigan State University’s MSU Global, Mark Surman, Executive Director, Mozilla Foundation, and David Wiley, Associate Professor of Instructional Psychology and Technology at Brigham Young University, Chief Openness Officer at the Open High School Utah, opencontent.org

To get involved, join the P2PU Google group: http://groups.google.com/group/p2pu-discuss.

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