Study Habits Project OER

March 23, 2009

During the past year Kenneth Leroy Busbee of the Computer Science Technology Department, Central College, Houston Community College System has completed a project involving study habits using 3×5 cards. The PowerPoint presentations used in that project have been modified and are usable by most students. He has created additional PowerPoint presentations in support of study habits that help build memory.

Those materials have been organized into a Connexions module titled: Study Habits that Build the Brain. The Study Habits that Build the Brain has been placed into a Connexions collection of several modules that can be used as support materials for any college course. The materials are available under the open educational resources (OER) or open courseware concept. Links to the materials are provided and all professors and counselors are invited to refer students to the materials as appropriate. Collection in total:

Appendix Materials for College Courses http://cnx.org/content/col10676/latest/

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