Open Content at Google Books

August 14, 2009

On August 13th, Google announced that authors can now use Google Books to distribute their Creative Commons licensed work.  Authors benefit from using a CC license because it allows them to distribute their work more widely and clearly communicate how they want the content to be used and shared.  Readers who download these books can use the work in ways specified by the license such as giving proper credit to the author on any remixes or further public distributions.

To date, nine open-access books are available for download from Google Books:

55 Ways to Have Fun with Google by Lenssen
Blown to Bits by Abelson, Ledeen & Lewis
Bound by Law? by Aoki, Boyle & Jenkins
Code: Version 2 by Lessig
Democratizing Innovation by von Hippel
Federal Budget Deficits: America’s great consumption binge by Courant & Gramlich
The Future of the Internet — And How to Stop It by Zittrain
Little Brother by Doctorow
A World’s Fair for the Global Village by Malamud

Consider adding your own textbook to this list!

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