Find open licensed content via Google

August 21, 2009

Did you know that you can use Google’s Advanced Search to find open educational resources ?   If you want learning content that is open and available for use and reuse, follow these steps:

1.  Go to Google

2.  Click on Advanced Search

3.  Click on “date, usage rights, numeric range, and more”

4.  Click on the dropdown menu next to “Usage rights”

5.  Select the Usage right you desire

6.  Type in your search terms

7.  Be sure to read the fine print about acceptable usage (open license) of any content before you use it

For details about this feature of Google Advance Search, see http://www.google.com/support/websearch/bin/answer.py?answer=29508

Also, use Google’s Advanced Image Search to find videos or images you can reuse, share, or modify.

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