FL Legislature Sets Up Open Access Textbook Task Force

September 19, 2009

As reported by The Orange Grove, “the 2009 Florida Legislature requested (HB 7121 or SB 844) that an Open Access Textbooks Task Force (OATTF) be created to:

  1. create an inventory of existing open access textbooks
  2. make recommendations for encouraging and promoting faculty development and use of open access textbooks
  3. identify barriers to the implementation of open access textbooks.

The OATTF members represent a cross section of Florida’s state colleges and the state universities and system offices.  Entities/roles represented on the task force are:  faculty, chief information officers, librarians, repository, University Press of Florida, business officers, deans, student government, Division of Colleges, Board of Governors, Florida Distance Learning Consortium, and Orange Grove Texts Plus.”

Inside Higher Ed describes Orange Grove Texts Plus in a recent article: Free, But at What Cost?

One comment

  1. Under Open Access philosophy, Redalyc aims to contribute to the editorial scientific activity produced in and about Ibero-America making available for public consultation the contents of 550 scientific journals of different knowledge areas: http://redalyc.uaemex.mx

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