Top Ten Learning Tools

October 12, 2009

Jane Hart at the invites educators to share their top ten learning tools on Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies site to help her compile the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2009.   Over 200 people have contributed so far this year.  For example, see Judy Baker’s list.

Judy’s Top 10 Tools as at 12 October 2009

  1. WordPress – I use this to host my blog and find it very durable.
  2. Twitter – I use this almost daily to microblog about useful links, news, and events related open educational resources.
  3. Edublogs – I use this tool as a way for our college students to post ePortfolios for free.
  4. Ning – Easy to use and free social networking service that is versatile.
  5. Connexions – Provides an repository for open licensed educational content with a tool that allows for sharing and remixing. Also provides Lens for organizations to indicate content that have met their vetting processes.
  6. Orange Grove Texts Plus – I send educators directly to this new repository of open textbooks to save them time.
  7. MERLOT – Not only does this learning objects repository provide an ideal starting point when trying to track down learning materials, it has a recommender system and a way to share favorites (called Collections).
  8. OER Commons – I often refer educators who are new to open educational resources to this comprehensive set of tools (search engine, networking).
  9. Folksemantic –I use this searching tool whenever I need to find open learning content, particularly open courseware, on a particular topic,. It was developed by the Center for Open and Sustainable Learning with funding from the National Science Foundation and the Andrew W Mellon Foundation.
  10. Elluminate – I use this tool to present quarterly webinars. Community colleges in California are eligible to use CCC Confer to use Elluminate for free. Can’t beat the price!

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