Open Textbook Advocate Training

March 3, 2010

Become an Advocate/Trainer for Open Textbooks and earn a $1500 stipend
for giving a workshop on your campus. March 8 noon to 1:30 PM, March
10 noon to 2 PM, March 11 noon to 2 PM, March 18 noon to 1 PM. All
times are Pacific Standard Time.  For community college educators only.

To Register for the train the trainer workshop, join http://opentextbookadvocatetrainers.ning.com/ and then join the Synchronous Online Cohort at http://opentextbookadvocatetrainers.ning.com/group/onlinecohort

There is no cost to attend this workshop.

As an Advocate/Trainer, you’ll learn how to:
* Foster interest in open textbooks
* Help faculty discover, select, and adopt open textbooks
* Help students choose a format (online, downloaded, printed, bound)
* Work with all the stakeholders on campus including bookstore, print
shop, library, and administration
* Provide feedback to the authors and educational community
* Plan, market, and deliver an adoption workshop

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