Community Colleges and Open Education Week

March 1, 2012

Open Education Week Reception with Cathy Casserly, CEO Creative CommonsOpen Education Week is starting Monday, March 5 and I wanted to let you know about some of the webinars planned for Community College faculty, administrators, staff, and students. There are many other events planned besides the ones below and I encourage you to check them out so we can all benefit from learning about different approaches to open education. Full webinar listing here.

Tuesday is chock full of good webinars. Community college picks include:
• Geoff Cain and Wendy Riggs, Biology OERs at College of the Redwoods
• Candace Thille from Open Learning Initiative, An Open License is Not Enough-Data and Quality in OER.
• Jean Runyon, Anne Arundel, Adopting Bridge To Success OERs for your Educational Programs.
• Alana Harrington, Jennifer Shoop, Saylor Foundation; Mitchell Levy, OpenDoors; Introducing Saylor OERs to Community Colleges.

Wednesday picks:
• Todd Rose, CAST, Neuroscience, Learning and the Future of Education
• Nicole Allen, Student PIRGs, Open Education and Solving the Textbook Cost Crisis
• Richard Braniak, Daniel Williamson, Ed Woodward, OpenStaxCollege, High Quality Open Textbooks and Connexions.
• Cable Green, Creative Commons, The Obviousness of Open Policy

Thursday picks:
• Megan Simmons, OER in Action: New tools and use examples from ISKME’s OER Professional Development Program.
• Jutta Treviranus, OCAD University, Panel, Outside In – Achieving Our Goals by Designing for Diversity.
• Maike Schansker, Chahira Nouira, United Nations University, Europe, Certification of Open Learning

Friday picks:
• Una Daly, OCW Consortium, James Glapa-Grossklag, College of the Canyons, Angela Secrest, Houston Community College District, The Importance of Openness to Community Colleges.
• Jacqui Cain, College of the Redwoods, Malissa Attebery, Lone Star College, Creating open courseware using SoftChalk. (preregistration required)

Don’t forget to check out the great videos and project tours submitted by our members about community college OER projects and open textbooks. From our community, I want to thank Judy Baker, Barbara Illowsky, Robin Donaldson, Tom Caswell, John Makevich, and James Glapa-Grossklag for their unique viewpoints on open education.

Full project video listing here.

Finally, CCCOER will be hosting an Open Education reception on Sunday afternoon, March 4th at the Innovations 2012 in Philadelphia. Cathy Casserly, CEO of Creative Commons will be joining us and we will be sharing information about a number of OER projects and how to become more active in open education.   We have also invited the Saylor Foundation and SoftChalk as reception co-sponsors. Please invite your colleagues at the conference to attend.

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