Update on Open Education Week and Innovations 2012

March 6, 2012

The first Open Education Week continues its second day and there are great webinars open all this week.  Remember that the schedule is in GMT so don’t forget to do the math to get your timezone, help on how to do it is on the page.

ALSO, we (CCCOER) will be having a webinar this Friday at 2:00 pm Pacific on the Importance of OpenCommunity College Consortium for Open Educational Resources for Community Colleges and will be presenting the many wonderful OER projects at community colleges. Please let me know if you would like to participate or can send some slides regarding your project.  Apologies for the late afternoon timing.

Yesterday, the Open Education media conference call with Martha Kanter, Undersecretary of Education; Cable Green, Creative Commons; and Anka Mulder, President of the OCW Consortium board, Richard Baraniuk, Rice University, and a Community College student from Los Angeles Community College district was recorded and can be found here.  The Open Society Institute OER video competition was announced on this call as well.

Quick update on Innovations 2012 and Open Education Week.   We had a great reception with Cathy Casserly, CEO of Creative Commons on Sunday afternoon at the Innovations 2012 conference.   Two college presidents and Chancellor Constance Carroll from San Diego Community College District attended. Cathy was the keynote speaker that evening and presented the amazing journey of open education and creative commons over the last ten years.  It has made the conversations at this conference with faculty and administrators about OER and open licenses much easier to have.

James Glapa-Grossklag’s and my round table discussion with faculty and administrators yesterday was well attended and although participants ranged from complete newbies to an instructional designer on the Open Course Library, it was a wonderful discussion from the economics of open policy, bookstore roles, why sharing statewide teacher education OER makes senses, role of librarians, NASA’s amazing educational resources, etc.  Also these folks hailed from New Jersey, Virginia, Colorado, Missouri, Wisconsin, etc which are all states that have not been represented at CCCOER before.

Finally, you can include your blog on OER at the Open Education Week site as well so you can share the great news about your projects with others interested in open education. Create a profile on the openeducationweek.org site and enter your blog address. Please use #openeducationwk for any tweets or tags.




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