Saylor Foundation Issues Call for Participation to Community College Faculty

July 11, 2012

Posted by the Saylor Foundation

The Saylor Foundation is a 501(c)(3) that offers college-level courses for free via its website, www.saylor.org. Our courseware is largely comprised of freely available education materials from higher education institutions. Because the goals of the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (CCCOER) are so closely aligned with the Saylor Foundation’s mission, we are calling upon the CCCOER for help in building two of our new disciplines: the Real World Math Series (RWM) and the Professional Development Program (PRDV).

Below, please find a high-level overview of these two exciting new areas of study:

Saylor Foundation

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Our Real World Math Series will feature courses designed for two primary audiences: the high school student gearing up for college-level mathematics, and the adult learner seeking a refresher course in mathematics. Each of the courses in this series will include instructional videos and practice problems from Khan Academy that will help students master the foundational knowledge necessary for success in College Algebra (MA001: Beginning Algebra) and beyond. These courses focus on the ways in which math relates to common “real world” situations, transactions, and phenomena, such as personal finance, business, and the sciences.  These courses will be aligned with the Common Core standards for high-school level mathematics.

Our Professional Development Program (PRDV) is designed especially for adult learners who are ready to learn and apply skills demanded by today’s employers. Targeted students range from those new to the employment world to those who wish to develop and improve workplace skills. The PRDV curriculum consists of three pathways and covers a range of skills, progressing from more basic job skills, such as writing and basic computing skills, to skills directly related to finding a job to professional development training.

We are excited to begin developing these new disciplines, and would love to bring members of CCCOER on board to help! We invite you to consider joining us in the following capacities:

1.     Course Developer – Do you have experience teaching a course in one of these two disciplines? Then please consider coming on board as a course developer! Our course developers are the heartbeat of our organization, working to select open-access educational materials of the highest caliber for our courses.  They are paid hourly to work from anywhere in the world as a contractors. If you’re interested, please submit your CV to apply@saylor.org with the appropriate subject line: Course Designer: Developmental Math Program or Course Designer: Professional Development Courseware.

 2.     Peer Reviewer – To ensure our offerings are of the highest quality, each of our courses undergoes a rigorous peer review once it is developed. We’re actively seeking qualified educators to help us in this review process. If you have experience in either discipline and are interested in joining us, please submit your CV to apply@saylor.org with the appropriate subject line: Course Designer: Developmental Math Program or Course Designer: Professional Development Courseware.

 3.     Content Provider – Our courses rely on educational content that has already been created and is freely available on the Internet. To ensure stability of web-based content, we’ve launched an initiative to secure permission to host third party content on Saylor.org. If you have created educational materials for either of these disciplines, we would love to consider it for use in our courseware. Please send an email to steve.phillips@saylor.org for more information and be sure to read more about our Permissions Initiative here.

 4.     Test Driver – We’re also on the hunt for professors that will be willing to take these courses for a test drive once complete by having their students work through a few of our courses, collecting and sharing data, and reporting back with their findings and feedback. Curious to learn more? Contact our Content Development Manager, Jen Shoop, at Jennifer.shoop@saylor.org.

Thank you all, in advance, for your consideration. We look forward to hearing from you!

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