January 29 Webinar: Using OER for Workforce Training and Job Search Skills

January 16, 2013

Please join CCCOER on Tuesday, Jan. 29, 10:00 am (Pacific time) for a webinar on finding, developing, and adopting OER for workforce training and job search skills at community colleges.  This webinar will feature three projects that are actively engaged in developing and promoting free and open resources to expand student access and improve career opportunities.

nursing students at contra costa communitycollege

nursing students

The Saylor Foundation – Their Clinton Global Initiative project to provide open and free career skills training to disconnected youth and adult learners through the creation of multiple professional development modules will be shared.  Courses available on on their website as well as options for mobile learners through iTunes will be shown.

Twenty Millions Minds Foundation – Their work with community college faculty to develop open textbooks for the allied health professions including nursing and physical therapy will be shared.  Innovative approaches such as faculty hackathons for digital content development will be discussed.

KQED Education – The work voice video series featuring ESL students in Silicon Valley who have achieved new careers through programs and skills received at community colleges will be shared.   Additional lesson plans for faculty who work with ESL students will be shown.

No pre-registration necessary. On the day of the webinar, please
click here to login and then press the Connect button.

You may use a headset or dial-in to speak live:
(888) 886-3951
Enter your passcode: 736004

*0 – Contact the operator for audio assistancePARTICIPANT CONFERENCE FEATURE
*6 – Mute/unmute your individual line

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Posted by Una Daly, Director of Community College Outreach

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