CCCOER Webinar 2013 Archives

July 1, 2013

These webinars presented earlier this year feature OER leaders on issues affecting community colleges. Youtube archives and slideshare downloads are available forKerstin Muller you to review and share with colleagues.  CCCOER would like to thank the educators who shared their expertise with our community and all of our attendees who participated this last year.

Competency-based Learning and OER: June 11

Competency-based learning is gaining traction as institutions strive to personalize learning experiences and decrease time to graduation.   Students demonstrate mastery at their own pace through e-Portfolio assessments or on-demand tests often using OER and prior learning as a source for learning materials.  Speakers include: Ellen Marie Murphy, Executive Director of Curriculum and Learning Systems, Ivy Bridge College, AltiusEd; Dr. Chari Leader-Kelley, Vice-President of Learning Counts at the Council for Adult & Experiential Learning (CAEL); Dr. David Shulman, Vice-President of the Virtual Campus and Instructional Technology at Broward College, Florida.  Archive and slides available.

Open Education, MOOCs, and Student Access: April 30

A panel discussion held on recent California legislation aimed at rebooting the underfunded higher education system with OER, MOOCs, and an online student access platform. Three leaders in the field share their thoughts on next steps to maintain the excellence of California’s higher education institutions and ensure the success of the millions of students enrolled in the system.  Speakers include Dean Florez, CEO of the Twenty Million Minds Foundation; Dr. Barbara Illowsky, Mathematics professor and open textbook faculty co-author at De Anza Community College; Dr. Michelle Pilati, Psychology professor at Rio Hondo College and current president of the CCC Academic Senate. Archive and slides available.

OER Authoring Tools : March 26  

Hear about authoring tools available for developing open educational resources including web pages, ePub, and PDF formats.  This webinar will feature three different authoring tools that are being used to develop OER that can be made freely available.  Speakers include: Adrienne Watt, Computer and Business instructor at Douglas and Northwest Community College in British Columbia for Pressbook Authoring; Daniel Williamson, project manager of the OpenStax project at Connexions repository; and Sue Evans, CEO and founder of SoftChalk, LLC. Archive and slides available.

Community College OER Innovation Panel : March 13

From a “Basic Arithmetic MOOC” to an “OER-based General Education Certificate”, learn about the innovation at our two-year public colleges and how to support faculty in the use and adoption of OER.  Featured speakers are: Dr. Wm. Preston Davis, Director of Instructional Services, ELI at Northern Virginia Community College; Quill West, OER Project Director, Tacoma Community College, WA; Dr. Donna Gaudet, Math Faculty, Scottsdale Community College, AZ.  Archive and slides available.

Designing OER with Diversity in Mind : March 11

This Open Education Week panel on OER and accessibility defines terms and current statistics on learning disabilities and then discusses factors which act as barriers and enablers regarding the creation and reuse of accessible teaching resources focusing on approaches of educators towards accessibility issues in the context of OER.  Pedagogical, technical, and policy-based strategies to design, create and deliver OER/OCW learning experiences that can be used by the broadest range of learners will be shared.   Featured speakers are: Prof. Jutta Treviranus, Director, Inclusive Design Research Centre, OCAD University; Dr Anna Gruszczynska, Sheffield Hallam University; Una Daly, Open Courseware Consortium.  Archive and slides available.

The Critical Role of Librarians in OER Adoption: February 26

Hear about the critical work that librarians do to support OER adoption at community colleges.  This webinar will feature three projects where librarians are leading the way in searching, curating, and creating OER to expand student access and improve teaching practices.  Featured speakers are: Sheila Afnan-Manns and Kande Mickelson, faculty librarians, Maricopa Community College District, AZ; Angela Secrest, director of library services, Houston Community College District,TX; and Shireen Deboo, Open Course Library and Seattle Community District Librarian, WA. Archive and slides available.

Using OER for Workforce Development: January 29

Learn all about finding, developing, and adopting OER for workforce training and job search skills at community colleges.  This webinar features three speakers from projects that are actively engaged in developing and promoting free and open resources to expand student access and improve career opportunities.  Jeff Davidson, The Saylor Foundation, on their Clinton Global Initiative project to provide open and free career skills training to disconnected youth and adult learners through the creation of multiple professional development modules.   Jeff Cohen, Twenty Millions Minds Foundation on using faculty hackathons to create open textbooks for nursing.    The ESL project, KQED Education , directed by Maxine Eisner featuring ESL students who have achieved new careers through programs and skills received at community colleges will be shared.   Archive and slides available.

Image: Kerstin Muller, commons.wikimedia.org, CC-BY 2.0.

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