Campus Promo Kit

This set of materials suitable for use in promoting use of OER on a community college campus is available to everyone.   Please post a Comment if you want to contribute other items to the Kit

We are particularly interested in hearing success stories about campus implementation of OER!

Kit contents include: 

Why have an OER Campus Promotion Kit?

Increasingly, educators are getting involved with open educational resources initiatives. Yet, most existing resources are most appropriate for K12 and university settings.  Community colleges need OER content and tools in order to apply their unique experiences and knowledge.    

Community college educators can benefit from knowing what other colleges have done to promote OER:

  • What resources did they use?

  • What materials did they develop?

  • What programs worked?

  • What samples do they have?

In a time when the OER movement is growing rapidly and everyone is looking for resources, being able to review and use materials that have already been developed may give educators the information and motivation to launch an OER initiative on their own campuses.  

Get Involved!

Because community college campuses are different and ever changing, this OER Campus Promotion Kit was developed to be a dynamic guide that can be modified and enhanced by those who use it. Feel free to edit, modify, share, and contribute promotion materials.  Submit your suggestions by posting a Comment.

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