Campus Promo Toolkit Beta

Photo: Eugena Ossi: Governor's Office, cc-by-nc-sa

Photo- Eugena Ossi: Governor’s Office, cc-by-nc-sa

This toolkit is designed to provide those involved in the launch of OER initiatives with the background information, resources, best practices, and steps to take in the planning and implementation of such a project. Engaging all the stakeholders on campus and in the community in order to ensure a successful launch and outcome is a key theme.  These resources were developed by educators engaged in open education projects and we welcome your feedback and contributions.

  • Benefits and Challenges — a quick list of pros and cons for the water cooler discussion or for a presentation to campus-wide stake holders.
  • Creating an OER Roadmap  — a small set of steps to follow to make sure that you build in the support and sustainability that you will need to launch successfully.
  • Marketing Strategies — a great list of how to get the different stakeholders on campus invested in your initiative and helping you to extend your reach.
  • Case Studies — read about how colleges and universities developed their OER projects and the outcomes that they achieved.
  • Policies and Models – open policies can pave the road for getting buy-in from campus stakeholders so read all about successful open policies adopted by educational institutions.
  • Professional Development  – a set of resources appropriate for developing workshops to find, select, and adopt OER.
  • More Resources – sample surveys for gathering student and faculty feedback, directories and repositories, journals, and references.

Get involved: To contribute additional resources, please email us at cccoer@oeconsortium.com

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