Fall 2013 Webinar Lineup

Fall 2013 Webinar Lineup Starting October 2

1.   Libraries Lead the Way:  Open Courses, Open Educational Resources, and Open Policies

 >> Wed, Oct 2, noon Pacific (3:00 pm EST)

Join us for a free, open webinar on how libraries are leading the way withAmerican Library Collection Open Courses, Open Educational Resources, and Open Policies.  Three leaders who support students, faculty, and colleges through open educational policy and practice will be featured

Dr. Patricia Profeta, Dean of Learning Resources at Indian River State College will share how she and other Florida State College librarians have developed open courses on information literacy and internet search to prepare students for college-level research.  These courses have been published in Florida’s Orange Grove repository with a Creative Commons license.

Donna Okubo, Senior Manager of Community Outreach and Advocacy, at Public Library of Science  (PLoS) will share their amazing collection of open science resources and journals that you can use in the classroom at your college.  PLoS has implemented a new publishing model to support scholarly authorship and allow public access to the peer-reviewed results.

Nicole Allen, OER Program Director at, Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) of the Academic and Research Library (ARL) will share SPARC’s plan to broadens its advocacy from open research to include all open educational resources (OER).   Working with college libraries to extend their copyright expertise to include open policies is a critical component.

2.  Finding, Adopting, and Sustaining Open Textbook Projects

 >> Wed, Oct 30, noon Pacific (3:00 pm EST)

Join us for a free, open webinar on large-scale open textbook projects in different stages of development.  Three leaders who support faculty and other content developers to publish their open educational resources will talk about the progress and challenges to continued growth and adoption of the open textbooks in their collections.

Clint LaLonde. Client Services Manager at BCcampus will share the progress that the BCcampus Open Textbook project has made over the last year in building their collection of 40 open textbooks for their highest enrolled post-secondary courses in British Columbia.

Robin Donaldson, Assistant Director, Instructional Resources & Support, Distance Learning & Student Services, Florida Virtual Campus will share the Florida’s efforts to promote open and affordable learning materials through their Orange Grove repository and Open Access Textbook project.

Gerry Hanley — Senior Director of Academic Technologies, California State Universities will share the Affordable Learning Solutions project that supports students and faculty in their choices of high-quality, low-cost instructional materials.

3.   Fostering Open Policies on Campus and Statewide  

 >>Wed, Nov 13, noon Pacific (3:00 pm EST)

Join us for a free, open webinar with three leaders who have been fostering open polices and practices at their campuses, districts, and states.  They will share what has worked and what has not worked. In addition, they will share other serendipitous events that have contributed to their success of driving open education.

James Glapa-Grossklag, CCCOER President, Dean, College of the Canyons

Paul Stacey, Director at Creative Commons

Quill West & Students, OER Project Director, Tacoma Community College

Lisa Young, Paul Golisch, OER Committee Chairs, Maricopa Community College District

4. California Community Colleges Share It Forward with CC-BY

 >>Wed, December 11, 11:00 am Pacific (2:00 pm EST)

Join us for a free, open webinar to hear why and how the California Community College Chancellor’s office passes a resolution to share all materials with a Creative Commons licenses (CC-BY) created by a grant or contract.

Dr. Barbara Illowsky, California Chancellor’s Office, professor De Anza College

Dr. Cable Green, Director of Global Learning, Creative Commons

TBD, California Community College Academic Senate

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