Marketing Strategies

Marketing OER and open textbooks to your campus community can be challenging but here is a great list of strategies that have worked successfully on other college campuses.

  • Create a strategic plan or formal adoption policy. The act of getting it vetted through the faculty governing body will raise awareness.
  • Get buy-in from top level administration. Faculty will be more likely to join the initiative if they know it is supported by the President, Provost, and their deans.
  • Get buy in from students. Student government and the student newspaper are great ways to get the word out to students about your initiative.
  • Create a survey of faculty projects. Not only will it give you data to work with, it will also raise awareness among faculty. Internally publish the results.
  • Work with the Public Relations department to brand the initiative. Logos, swag and other materials will catch the eyes of faculty. PR may also be able to give you marketing ideas that you might not have thought of.
  • Fund faculty projects. Whether it’s cash or objects like iPads, faculty will be more likely to put in the work to create/adopt OERs if they are rewarded.  Read about oer-faculty-incentive-models-2014.
  • Engage librarians and instructional designers in the curation and adaptation of OER to support faculty adoptions.
  • Work with Center for teaching/faculty development to offer workshops
  • Create an online presence with a website or a library guide. Connect it to everywhere possible on campus.
  • Present, present, present! Present at committee meetings, department faculty meetings, general faculty meetings and institutes, faculty profession development events, administrative meetings, student groups, and to anyone else who will listen.

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