Spring 2015 Webinars

All webinars are held at 10:00 am (Pacific), 1:00 pm (Eastern).  No pre-registration necessary, please use links below title on day of webinar to login to the cccconfer.org system.

Review of OER Research: Wed, Feb 11

This webinar will feature two experienced researchers sharing recent findings from a wide variety of higher education and secondary education OER pilot studies. In addition they will address best practices for conducting OER research on your campuses to expand usage and understand the benefits and challenges from faculty and student perspectives.

The Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges and the Open Education Group will present the findings.

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• Open MOOCs with Certificates: Tues, Mar 10

The MOOC frenzy of 2012 is long over but the Massive Open Online Course is now entering the slope of enlightenment after disappointing many in the education field with its inability to meet the unrealistic expectations originally predicted.   The Tufts University Biology of Water and Health MOOC will be featured in this webinar both from the instructional design perspective and the how the learners taking the course did.   Tufts University offered their course on the edX platform and consists entirely of open content with a Creative Commons License.  Hear about the development effort of transporting an extremely popular Tufts University course onto the edX platform and how the students on the certificate track and students who merely took the class for free performed.

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• Zero-Textbook-Cost Degree Program: Wed, Mar 11

With increasing costs of textbooks and instructional materials, colleges have been promoting adoption of open educational resources to make sure all students have equal access to their required textbooks.  However, at many colleges, only a few departments have adopted OER so most students still have expensive textbooks to buy for their other courses.  With the Zero-Textbook-Cost Degree program, students can be assured that all courses in their degree program will use OER-based materials that do not have additional costs associated with them. Recent data suggests that reducing textbook costs through an OER-degree approach improves student completion rates, decreases withdrawal rates, and positively impacts student persistence and success.

A Zero-Textbook-Cost Degree initiative will be featured in this webinar along with programs at two colleges which are already implementing whole degree programs that feature courses using exclusively OER-based materials.  Speakers include TJ Bliss, Education Program Officer at the Hewlett Foundation; Daniel DeMartre ,Vice-president of Academic Affairs and Chief Academic Officer at Tidewater College, VA; and Kimberly Burkle, faculty at Northern Virginia Community College.

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• OER Publishing Tools:  Wed, April 8

Hear about the most popular publishing tools for adapting and developing OER materials for teaching in the classroom.  The webinar will feature several publishers of tools and a faculty perspective on their use.

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• Community College OER Panel :  Wed, May 14

Hear from four colleges who are in different stages of implementing OER pilots on their campuses.  Speakers will share how their projects have evolved from original conception, the lessons they learned along the way, and how their work has contributed to college success.

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