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Spring CCCOER Activities: Apr 27, May 11, May 18, and June 8

April 21, 2016

Please join us for our remaining Spring CCCOER online Activities, open and free to everyone in the open education community.  Our focus is on faculty OER adoption featuring both instructors who have successfully adopted/created OER, free platforms available for customization of OER, and how to design open courses that include students in analyzing and contributing to open educational resources.

  • CCCOER-Advisory meeting on Wed, April 27, 11:00 am PST/2:00 pm EST   In addition to our usual updates, please join us to hear from Peter Lindberg of the NOBA Psychology OER project and Adam Privitera, Psychology professor and department chair at Chemetka community college who has adopted NOBA OER in two of his psychology courses and has also contributed to the NOBA OER collection by authoring a learning module on Sensation and Perception. NOBA currently has over 92 modules that cover the scope and sequence for introductory psychology developed by experts in the field and free for you to re-use in our courses.  It also contains ancillaries for many modules including instructor guides, slides, test banks, etc.  You can use their textbooks as assembled or compile your own by mixing and matching modules through their authoring platform.
  • CCCOER webinar on May 11, 10:00 am PST/1:00 pm ES   The focus is Faculty Perspective on Adopting OER.  We will have 3 outstanding instructors presenting on proven practices for adopting OER in their courses and how they to work with other colleagues to expand use of OER to enhance teaching and learning.   Featured speakers will be instructors in Psychology, English, and Physical Geology who have successfully adopted OER in their courses.
  • CCCOER webinar on June 8, 10:00 am PST/2:00 pm EST   The focus is Designing for Open Pedagogy.  We will have several innovative instructors sharing how they have incorporated open pedagogical practices into their teaching since adopting OER.  Student are involved in analyzing and synthesizing open educational resources to enhance their learning and their work is built upon by subsequent semester students for continuously improving the learning resources for the course.

Sept 9: Finding and Adopting OER with Canvas Commons, OpenStax College, and Saylor Academy

August 27, 2015

Please join the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (CCCOER) for a free, open webinar on finding the most recently updated open textbooks, open courses, and open educational resources for college. Speakers will share their open collections: how to find content, peer review processes, and strategies for encouraging faculty adoptions to improve teaching and learning and expand access for learners.

Date: Wed, Sept 9, Time: 10 am PST, 1:00 pm EST
Featured Speakers:

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Sept 11: Reduce Costs and Improve Outcomes with Open Textbooks Featuring: OpenStax College, Open Learning Initiative, and Bookboon

August 28, 2012

Please join us September 11, 1:00 pm Eastern for a webinar on how to reduce the cost of education for students while improving learning outcomes through the use of open textbooks and open educational resources.   This webinar features three leaders whoCCCOER at OCW Logo are actively engaged in different strategies to promote open access learning materials to improve student outcomes:

David Harris, Editor-in-chief OpenStax College at Connexions.  OpenStax College is a nonprofit organization committed to improving student access to quality learning materials. Their free textbooks are developed and peer-reviewed by educators to ensure they are readable, accurate, and meet the scope and sequence requirements of your course.  The first three books are Introduction to Sociology, Physics, and Anatomy & Physiology.

• Norman Bier, Associate Director, Community College Open Learning Initiative (CC-OLI) Project at Carnegie Mellon University.   CC-OLI is establishing a consortium of community colleges to enact a large scale, systems-change process that increases efficiency in the way instruction is developed, delivered, evaluated, and continuously improved. Focus is on gatekeeper courses critical to graduation success: Introduction to Psychology, Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, and Statistic

Thomas Madsen, CEO Bookboon. publishes free and openly available eBooks for students and business professionals. The Books can be downloaded in PDF without registration.  Their mission is that students should not have to pay for any textbooks to attend college.  Textbooks from a wide range of subject areas are available with primary concentration in STEM, Business, and Economics and feature a limited amount of advertising.

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